Citizen Petition Supplement

The petition against Cassava Sciences was supplemented on Sep 8. We shall examine some questions arising from this supplement and provide our comments in this post. Concern #1: Authenticity and Availability of Phase 2a Data—Western Blots The petition claims the original western blot images should be available at Cassava’s premises Can someone point us to…More

SavaDx Poster and Plasma Ptau-181 Data

Note: this is part 2 of the Science Integrity series At the AAIC conference in July 2021, Cassava Sciences presented a poster showcasing encouraging results from SavaDx, their novel plasma diagnostic/biomarker to detect Alzheimer’s disease. SavaDx measures changes in levels of a protein named altered filamin A (FLNA) which is linked to AD disease mechanism.…More

Science Integrity – Part 1

Dr. Elizabeth Bik is a renowned science consultant who runs a blog and a twitter account where she discusses manipulated images in scientific publications. Her work is widely respected in the scientific community. Her twitter bio reads Scientific discussions should not be held in the courtroom In this post we will examine her recent actions…More

The Hyper Growth Story

Any statements on hyper growth must be prefaced by answers to the accusations on the petition Presence of a Whistleblower This one is obvious – there wasn’t any. The petitioner used the term once and that too in the title of the petition. It was merely a ploy to garner increased attention. They being short…More

AAIC Poster and Phase 3

The poster presentation at AAIC had some errors and this was exploited by the petition. We will discuss the errors at length on another post. This post however is to inform readers that SavaDx or plasma p-tau end points were not part of the phase 2b trial and are not subject to the blinding requirements.…More

Cassava and the Petition

Note: This is an opinion of one author When first looking through the citizen petition – the evening of Aug 24th, my initial reaction was amusement. Was this yet another unfounded document? Most petitions are, after all, dismissed. But reading through the details on this one slowly gave way to shock. After all, a few…More

Dr. Burns at AAIC ’21

Alzheimer’s Association International conference (AAIC) was held on July 29th – Cassava Sciences presented 9 month cognition data for the first 50 patients enrolled in their open label study. Their slide deck was presented word for word by Dr. Lindsay Burns, SVP and Lead Scientist. The company used the term encouraging and made no claims…More

Introduction & Cassava Sciences

This blog was setup to promote small cap bios in the Alzheimers and CNS spaces. Many small biotechs are forced to battle misinformation from social media scientists, wall street short sellers and pump & dump traders. This leads to attacks on the credibility of founders and scientists and causes extreme volatility in share prices. In…More